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Unemployment: Foreign Workers

March 13, 2007

Question written on 13/03/2007

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if (a) he and (b) Jobcentre Plus will take steps to provide further benefit support and advice for A2 and A8 nationals who become unemployed.

Answered by Jim Murphy

Income related benefits are only paid to people who have a right to reside and are habitually resident in the UK. Most A8 and A2 nationals can only claim in work benefits while they are working as either a registered worker in the case of an A8 national, or an authorised worker in the case of an A2 national.Once they have completed 12 months continuous employment as a registered or authorised worker A8 and A2 nationals who remain in the labour market have the same rights to access Jobcentre Plus services including benefit support and advice, as other EEA and UK nationals. We have no plans to extend this support.