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Small Businesses (Regulatory Burden)

February 14, 2002

Question written on 14/02/2002

To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what plans she has to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses resulting from the implementation of EU directives.

Answered by Nigel Griffiths

To tackle European policy initiatives that unfairly burden British small firms, the Small Business Service has set up smallbusinesseurope which lobbies for small business interest while European directives are being framed. To avoid unnecessary and over-complex implementation of European directives in the UK, this Government have produced essential guidance for policy officialsthe Guide to Better European Regulations, and the Transposition Checklist. Transposition Notes help avoid ‘gold-plating’ by showing up any potential over-implementation, enabling it to be addressed. These notes have accompanied primary or secondary legislation that gives effect to European directives, easing scrutiny both by Parliament and business, since November 2001.