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Local Government Finance

March 11, 2002

Question written on 11/03/2002

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions if he will list the real terms cash and percentage increase in the (a) standard spending assessment between 199798 and 200102, (b) revenue support grant between

Answered by Alan Whitehead

The following table provides the information requested. The increases have been expressed at 200102 prices based on the GDP deflator.Standard spending assessmentRevenue support grantTotal external support(24)Aggregate external finance(25) Type of authorityCash increase ( million)Percentage increaseCash increase ( million)Percentage increaseCash increase ( million)Percentage increaseCash increase ( million)Percentage increaseUnitary authorities3,164.23475.71,265.01765.12,316.13171.82,912.76986.0Shire counties-456.964-2.7-869.549-12.8-714.618-5.8309.3372.4Shire districts-255.264-10.2-193.001-22.5-227.567-13.0-204.072-11.2Metropolitan districts939.5899.8329.6606.6674.7458.81,455.24317.9London boroughs(26)659.8219.089.8662.2320.2305.51,013.07016.4(24) Revenue Support Grant plus redistributed national non-domestic rates plus SSA Reduction Grant (SSA Review) plus SSA Reduction Grant (Police Funding Review) plus Central Support Protection Grant plus principal formula Police Grant.(25) Total External Support plus the City Offset plus Neighbourhood Renewal Fund plus other special and specific grants within AEF. The data on the other special and specific grants within AEF have been collated from statistical returns supplied by local authorities to DTLR, the other data come from administrative records held by DTLR.(26) Includes City of London.Between 199798 and 200102, the last round of local government reorganisation took place. In 199798, there were 27 unitary councils, 35 shire counties and 260 shire districts. In 200102, there were 46 unitary councils, 34 shire counties and 238 shire districts.Also, between 199798 and 200102 there have been a number of changes in the function and funding of local authorities, for example in the way education for four-year-olds was funded.It is not possible to calculate data for 199798 on a like-for-like basis with 200102. The data in the table do not make any allowance for local authority reorganisation or these changes in function or funding and the figures should therefore be treated with caution.