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Local Government Finance

March 6, 2002

Question written on 06/03/2002

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions what the value was of the Government’s local government financial settlement for Cities of London and Westminster for each year from 197879 to 200102; and what the percentage

Answered by Alan Whitehead

Information on allocations to individual authorities in years before 1990 is no longer held centrally. The table gives figures for Standard Spending Assessments (SSA) for the two authorities from 199091 to 200102, and the percentage increase in each year after adjusting for changes in function or funding responsibilities:SSA millionIncrease per cent.City of London19909141.619919242.72.519929344.54.219939448.310.219949569.944.619959665.9-6.319969762.1-5.919979863.01.219989946.3-26.61999200048.24.220000149.23.120010250.83.420020354.69.0 Westminster199091172.2199192210.322.1199293228.08.4199394221.41.3199495220.3-1.6199596241.82.4199697241.3-1.8199798249.42.0199899232.6-8.019992000244.85.2200001257.15.4200102275.37.2200203290.38.4