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Creative Industries

March 10, 2008

Question written on 10/03/2008

The Minister understands the importance of the creative industries and I am glad that she has given them a thumbs up. One important aspect of the creative industries is the teaching of media studies, which we debated in the House when she was Minister for Lifelong Learning and Higher Education. Will she ensure that much more rigorous media studies degrees are offered in our universities by doing her little bit to bring together experts from the creative industries to ensure that the curricula are much more robust?

Answered by Margaret Hodge, Minister for Culture, Creative Industries & Tourism

The hon. Gentleman raises an important point. He will know that people who undertake media studies are more likely to get a job than those who undertake many other disciplines studied at university. Nevertheless, it is hugely important to ensure that the content of what is studied meets the needs of people in the industry. One of the propositions in our strategy is that Brighton university should undertake a review to see whether we can build a closer relationship between the contents of the curricula in media studies courses and the needs of employers.