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Carbon Emissions

January 19, 2007

Question written on 19/01/2007

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the Government projects the total carbon emissions of the UK will be for (a) domestic consumption, (b) (i) domestic and (ii) international aviation, (c) road transport and (d) power generation in (A) 2030 and (B) 2050.

Answered by Ian Pearson

The Department of Trade and Industry produced updated energy projections in July 2006. Projections for the residential and transport sectors are shown in the table. These projections are made on an end-user, rather than source basis, meaning emissions due to electricity are attributed to the user, rather than to the power generating sector.Projections for the power generation sector are not available at this time. Aviation projections are given in the final column of the table. The aviation data are consistent with the central case emission forecast in the January 2004 White Paper, Aviation and Global Warming. These data include emissions from both domestic and international aviation. Projected sectoral CO 2 emissions from Updated Energy Projections number 26 (million tonnes of CO 2 )aviation projections taken from 2004 White Paper, “Aviation and Global Warming” (central case emission forecast) 2030 2050Residential sector (Mt CO2)150.7173.4UK transport sector (Mt CO2)152.2148.5Domestic and international aviation (Mt CO2)6564