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December 19, 2002

Question written on 19/12/2002

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what his Department is doing to support the Government’s policy on accreditation.

Answered by John Denham

Under Sections 40 and 43 of the Police Reform Act 2002, it is now open to chief officers in all 43 police forces in England and Wales, and the British transport police, to set up a community safety accreditation scheme in their area. Individuals able to meet agreed high standards could then be accredited with certain low level police powers to enable them to tackle anti-social behaviour and environmental problems in the local communities where they work.The setting up of such a scheme is entirely a matter for the chief officer concerned but a number are taking the necessary steps towards setting up a scheme in their area. In order to help them, and other interested parties, we shall shortly be putting some general accreditation guidance on the police reform website showing interested parties the kind of standards which will be necessary for accreditation.We shall continue to show support for accreditation schemes by offering advice and guidance, as required. Towards the end of next year we plan to issue a code of practice based on the good practice that has developed.