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City Defender – Securities & Investment Review

‘WE NEED TO make the case for financial services as a phenomenally successful industry for the UK’ says Mark Field MP, with the kind of enthusiasm more usually reserved by the likes of the Occupy .

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The Government must hold its nerve on bank stakes – Daily Telegraph

‘FIT FOR SALE.’ That was the timetable for the rehabilitation of RBS given by Chief Executive, Stephen Hester, shortly before yesterday’s dramatic intervention by Sir Mervyn King..

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The Treasury will gain nothing from property tax hikes – City AM

A S THEY consider a “back-door” mansion tax and another increase in stamp duty in today’s Autumn Statement, George Osborne and Vince Cable should take a quick look at a dramatic drop...

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There’s no third way for the City in Britain’s relationship with the EU – City AM

TODAY David Cameron travels to Brussels to take part in a critical summit on the EU’s budget from 2014 to 2020. The occasion will involve more than just budget negotiations, however. .

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Lack of capital and onerous HMRC rules are restraining tech start-ups – City AM

The Chancellor’s announcement earlier this week that employees could get a stake in their company in return for waiving certain employment rights seemed a rare flash.

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The Fee Pool – London’s Essential Export – Daily Telegraph

The City of London has a proud reputation as a bastion of commercial certainty able to attract investment from every corner of the globe. Indeed it is for this reason that the recent LIBOR…

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New Labour isn’t dead yet – Daily Telegraph

ALMOST EIGHTEEN months ago the Labour Party plunged to electoral defeat. At 29.8 per cent its share of the British…
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Banking is not a risk free activity – Daily Telegraph

MEMORIES IN THE banking world are notoriously short. It was just three years ago this month with the collapse of Lehman Brothers…
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Hobbling the City will also hobble the country – Daily Telegraph

Hobbling the City will also hobble the country - Daily Telegraph

WHEN THE CRUNCH came no one knew who was in charge. It was with those words that George Osborne laid to rest…
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Bondholders must take a haircut – City AM

Bondholders must take a haircut - City AM

FOR THE FINANCIAL markets the Irish crisis is now almost history. The show has now moved remorselessly on to more central players…
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Rules and Regulations Strangling the City – Daily Telegraph

Rules and Regulations Strangling the City - Daily Telegraph

WE APPEAR to have avoided a double-dip recession. The economy is growing again, corporate profits are rebounding…
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MP hits out at attacks on City – City AM

MP hits out at attacks on City - City AM

THE Square Mile’s local MP will today launch a rare but impassioned defence of the City and financial services…
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Expenses reform – Daily Telegraph

Expenses reform - Daily Telegraph

LISTENING to some of the early responses to the Kelly Report fills me with a mixture of disbelief and deep foreboding…
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New Statesman

New Statesman

As he approacheshis 100th day in office, the Prime Minister’s obsession with the state of the public finances deepens…
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April 2010

Is Politics Too London-centric – Total Politics

Is Politics Too London-centric - Total Politics

London is truly global, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural metropolis…
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March 2010

City AM

City AM

LIKE many MPs, I have received an avalanche of letters and emails from angry and perplexed constituents since the rise in capital gains tax was floated…
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March 2010

Dispossessed Campaign – Evening Standard

Dispossessed Campaign

MPs have hailed the Standard’s “crusading social journalism” for its campaign on tackling poverty in London…
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March 2010

Home Education – Wood and Vale

Home Education - Wood and Vale

Last year the Department for Children, Schools and Families launched an independent review of home education by Graham Badman, former director of childeren and education services at Kent County Council…
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Crown Estate – Wood and Vale

Crown Estate - Wood and Vale

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley has joined the campaign against the Crown Estate’s plans to sell off hundreds of flats in Regent’s Park…
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February 2010

Urban walking – Total Politics

Urban walking - Total Politics

My selection in the final month of the last millennium for the Cities of London and Westminster seat commenced a 10 year (and counting) love affair with the political, cultural and financial heart of the world’s most exciting city…
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Still the biggest game in town – The House Magazine

Still the biggest game in town - The House Magazine

Since time immemorial, the City of London has enjoyed an international reputation as a bastion of commercial certainty and reliability…
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Tax on financiers – Evening Standard

Tax on financiers - Evening Standard

BORIS JOHNSON today accused Alistair Darling of putting London’s economic prosperity under threat, as he urged the Chancellor to rethink plans for extra taxes on City Bankers…
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A new time of financial reckoning – Wood and Vale

A new time of financial reckoning - wood and vale

Collectively our nation lulled into a false sense of security by the element economic conditions that prevalled for a decade from the mid-1990s, alongside a delusional sense that the good times would be here forever…
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Family Recovery Programme – Wood and Vale

Family Recovery Programme - Wood and Vale

I strongly believe that social breakdown can be greatly reduced by solutions developed at a local level rather than simply by national policies…
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Do MPs speak up enough – Wood and Vale

Do MPs speak up enough - Wood and Vale

New figures show how offten politicians are raising thier constituents’ issues in parliament …
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Electric cars – Evening Standard

Electric cars - Evening Standard

A WEST END department store today unveiled an electric shuttle bus service bringing shoppers from London’s most affluent areas…
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Business rates – Evening Standard

Business rates - Evening Standard

SMALL firms face being driven to the wall by a “triple whammy” of business rate increases, MPs were warned today…
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Animation’s Closest Shave

Animation's Closest Shave

My Constituency is best known for containing in Westminster and the city respectively, Our nations political and financial heart. But it is also spiritual home to a globally competitivecreative sector in Soho and the West End that includes the film, music, television, theatre and animation industries…
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Evening Standard

Evening Standard

The Metropolitan Police should be split into smaller constabularies, MPs will hear today. Mark Field Conservative MP for the cities of London and Westminster said the Met was unable to “react quickly” and “co-operate simply”…
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Evening Standard

Evening Standard

Prince Charles is today throwing his weight behind small businesses following the launch of the evening standard’s save our small shops campaign…
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Diamond Geezer – What do they put in the water at the Corporation of London that makes people so prone to feuds? There are whispers going around about Daniel Caspi, elected alderman in October 2004…
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Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Ministers were told 2 years in advance not to expect too much.Dome: The warnings that went unheeded…
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Money Marketing

Money Marketting

Conservative Shadow financial secretary says government in disarray over its stance on FSA.Tories step up political row over the regulator…
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