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Delays or Refusals

November 19, 2009

Unfortunately it is not uncommon to experience delays in the Home Office’s handling of an application – Mark deals with several people each and every day who are encountering problems. However Mark appreciates that such delays can cause people a great deal of distress and inconvenience. If you have been waiting a long time to hear from the Home Office, Mark will happily get in touch with them to make enquiries on your behalf.

In order for him to do so, he will require details of your case. Please write or email with:

  • Your Home Office reference number
  • Your full name and any other names you might go by
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full address
  • Details of the length of time you have been waiting
  • Any other relevant details to your case

If your application has been refused, it is advised that you in addition to the information above, you provide fresh evidence which may make a difference to the Home Office’s decision.


Mark plays no part in the decisions made on individual applications. He only has the power to make representations to the UK Border Agency on your behalf. As such, it is rare that he is successful in expediting cases.

If you are writing on behalf of somebody else, Mark will require their written permission that confirms they are happy for you to act for them.

Urgent cases

The UK Border Agency advises you not to make any travel plans (such as holidays) until you have received your passport or travel document. If you ask them to return your passport or travel document for travel before they have decided your application, your application will be considered to be withdrawn.
If you really need your passport or other documents urgently, you must telephone in the first instance on 0870 606 7766.
Mark can make representations on your behalf to encourage the UKBA to return documents swiftly. However such representations are rarely successful as the UKBA only makes exceptions in rare circumstances such as the illness or death of a close relative. Even if you have good reason for requiring the swift resolution of a case, you will usually need to provide documentary evidence that proves this.

Asylum support customer contact centre

The asylum support customer contact centre can answer general enquiries from supported asylum seekers in relation to their weekly cash support, accommodation or emergency cash payment requests. Advisors can also provide information in relation to discontinuation of support enquiries and to failed asylum seekers who are supported under section 4.
Phone: 0845 602 1739
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 0900 to 1700.