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Complaining about the UK Border Agency

November 19, 2009

The UKBA says it takes complaints seriously. Its aim is to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, and to take steps to put things right when they have gone wrong.

If I make a complaint, will it affect my application to the UK Border Agency?

No. You have a right to comment or complain. UKBA wants to resolve your complaint so that they can improve their service. They will treat your application separately from your complaint and will decide it impartially, taking account of all the relevant circumstances.
Complaints do not affect their decision-making process – and making a complaint does not mean that your application will be dealt with more quickly or more slowly.

What can I complain about?

The UKBA deals with complaints about the services that they provide, or that are provided on their behalf.
You should make your complaint as soon as possible. They will not normally investigate allegations of misconduct more than three months after the incident occurred.
You should not use their complaints procedure if:

  1. you are unhappy about a decision they have made or you wish to request a review of the decision – the letter they send to tell you about the decision should tell you whether you can appeal and how to do so;
  2. you want to comment on immigration policy or legislation – to do this, you should contact your Member of Parliament;
  3. you want to report someone who you believe is working illegally, has made a false application to stay in the United Kingdom, or is involved in smuggling
  4. you want a general update on the progress of your application – you can do this by contacting one of their contact centres, but you cannot ask for an update until a certain time has passed since you made your application. The Contact centres page contains more information about this, and you can find out the standard waiting time for application decisions by looking at the section of this website covering your type of application.

If you want to use the complaints procedure, go to the UKBA’s How to make a complaint page