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November 19, 2009

Noise is part of living in a busy city, but excessive noise can really affect people’s quality of life. Westminster City Council and the City of London have systems in place to help people who are being disturbed by excessive noise. Unfortunately this is not something that comes within Mark’s remit as a Member of Parliament.


If you are being disturbed by noise happening now in Westminster call 020 7641 2000 (24 hours)
If you would like help and advice about noise or you want to report a noise that is not happening now please report the problem online. Do not use this link for noise happening now.
Westminster noise team deals with lots of noise complaints including:
Loud parties , Loud music , Noise from pubs, bars or clubs , building sites , alarms , buskers , noise from the street , roadworks , DIY, noisy animals , and dust and smoke.
They can also help with drainage problems, odours, pests, and rubbish.
There are problems which the Council has limited powers to deal with things like aircraft noise and traffic. If you are in any doubt, contact the Council on 020 7641 2000 or complete the online contact form .
When you call the Council they promise to:

  • contact you within 45 minutes, either by telephone or by visiting you in order to investigate your noise complaint
  • write to you within 72 hours and confirm the reference number of your complaint
  • continually monitor and review our performance, and publish the results in council offices, in local papers and on this website.

More information about the noise team is also available online.

City of London

All complaints about noise are investigated by the officers in the Pollution Team. The majority of noise pollution in the City arises from commercial activities (construction, plant noise, road works, etc). In most cases the Pollution Team deals with noise problems by assessing whether the noise is ‘unreasonable’. This involves taking into account a number of factors such as loudness, time of day, how often it occurs and how long it lasts. Noise which is unreasonable is then dealt with as a ‘statutory nuisance’ under the powers in the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
Complainants should be aware that Pollution Team officers usually have to witness the noise before taking formal action. If the noise is thought to be a statutory nuisance the City of London must serve an ‘abatement notice’ on the person or organisation responsible. The scope of the notice will vary with different circumstances and may require an immediate stop to the noise or prohibit its recurrence. In some cases, particularly where works are necessary, a specified time may be given for compliance. Failure to comply with an abatement notice is an offence and the City of London can prosecute.

How you can deal with a noise problem

The pollution team has produced a step by step on how you can deal with a noise problem, which includes advice on taking your own legal action.