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  • June 1, 2002

    Women in Public Life

    In a recent survey Patricia Hewitt, the Trade and Industry Secretary, was identified as the third most powerful woman in Britain. The survey of powerful women was conducted by the business magazine “Management Today” and its editor put a business woman top, the Prime Minister’s wife second and Mrs Hewitt third. One can always argue […]
  • May 1, 2002


    At one of my recent meetings with the Corporation of London I was given a plastic ruler made from recycled vending cups. I knew it was made from recycled material because it was emblazoned very strongly across its front. The City authorities were taking a pride in the fact. And so it should. Plastic is […]
  • May 1, 2002

    The Importance Of Community

    I cannot remember the first time I heard the phrase that London is made up of a series of villages. Like most of us Londoners, I reckoned it was something of a cliché at that time, but I must confess that in the year that I have represented the wonderfully diverse Cities of London and […]
  • April 1, 2002

    Wildlife In London

    March was a month where the fox featured very high in the political world again. If I ever saw a fox on my way to work early in the morning in the middle of Westminster I would be shocked but also pleased. City life is improved by the inclusion of animals and birds. It would […]
  • April 1, 2002

    Fox Hunting

    The fate of the fox has featured high recently in political debate. If I ever saw a fox on my way to work early in the morning or even on my journey home late at night here in the middle of Westminster I would be both shocked and in a way pleased. City life is […]
  • April 1, 2002

    Notting Hill Carnival

    I have watched with interest the proposal to change the route of the Notting Hill Carnival this summer and welcome its being shelved for this year at least. Ultimately this is a decision for the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. However he remains keen that in future years the Notting Hill Carnival will no longer […]
  • March 1, 2002

    Rubbish And Litter In The City

    When I come out of my home in Belgravia in the morning to go to the House of Commons it is very clear where much late night activity has taken place. Westminster Council has now followed the example of New York and introduced laws to control licensed premises and night cafes to keep the frontage […]
  • January 1, 2002

    Looking Ahead to 2002

    As last year came to a close I found myself being mercilessly teased by colleagues in the House of Commons over the four-part television adaptation of Trollope’s book, The Way We Live Now. The central figure of this nineteenth century drama is Sebastian Melmotte and many of you will have seen how stylishly this rather […]
  • December 1, 2001

    The Pressures of Modern Life

    The Christmas and New Year break always brings with it a curious mix of emotions. On the one hand it provides an ideal and overdue opportunity to escape from the daily routine and to live for the day. That might include spending time with loved ones and friends (or in other cases relishing the opportunity […]
  • November 1, 2001

    Equitable Life

    At the ripe old age of thirty-seven retirement does not feature high on my personal list of priorities. But in my early days as a Member of Parliament the subject of pensions has featured heavily in my political work. The daily postbag from my constituents rarely fails to include mention somewhere of the Equitable Life […]