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  • October 24, 2011

    Today’s EU referendum debate

    I do not regard myself as a natural rebel, nor would I describe my politics as especially Eurosceptic (I favour the UK remaining in the EU, albeit exploiting the current economic crisis as the opportunity to refashion our relationship within that institution). Nevertheless I was one of the original signatories to the backbench motion for today’s debate. Somewhat disingenuously leading figures in all three main political parties have accused those MPs promoting today’s debate of ‘an unnecessary and self-indulgent diversion’ at ‘the wrong time’...
  • October 21, 2011

    The Road Network and Public Debt

    The road network and public debt - on the face of it, two unrelated topics. One is an under-resourced, often ignored asset, vital to the social and economic well-being of the nation, as much of an essential service as other utilities such as the water, power and communications industries. Public debt meanwhile rises inexorably especially taking account of pensions and PFI liabilities – all in all it is potentially catastrophic to the UK’s future prosperity.
  • October 13, 2011

    Responses to the Riots

    Mark Field (Cities of London and Westminster, Conservative) Like my hon. Friend Gavin Barwell, I watched the dreadful and, at times, terrifying scenes of disorder that took place in so many of London’s shopping centres. My first thoughts were often with the business owners whose livelihoods had been destroyed. Those very hard-working folk are supporting not only families, but our neighbourhoods. They are often the very glue of our local communities and deserve not only our deepest sympathy, but the fast-track help that has been promised by the Government...
  • October 11, 2011

    Visit to Crossrail HQ

    At £17 billion Crossrail is a costly but necessary cog in the UK’s plan for economic growth for the decades ahead. Rather than continually tinkering at the edges, Crossrail is a visionary project aimed at tackling the Capital’s interconnected transport problems. During rush hour Crossrail will provide the capacity to whisk twenty-four ten carriage trains right through the heart of London.To help me gain a greater understanding of the likely hurdles ahead, today I visited Crossrail’s HQ and had a tour of a vast concrete bunker which will soon be transformed into the Canary Wharf Crossrail station. ...
  • October 11, 2011


    Mark made the following interventions in a Westminster Hall debate about problems relating to gangs and gang culture: Mark Field (Cities of London and Westminster, Conservative) It is important to put it on the record that there have been improvements in some statistics for some areas of serious crime, whether knife crime or gun crime, in recent years, although I accept that there is a tendency now to move in the wrong direction. We all know that just to bandy around statistics is not a sensible route forward. I very much take on board the idea that there needs to be far more co-ordination within London. The right hon. Gentleman referred...
  • October 6, 2011

    Mark opens Paxton & Whitfield

    Mark visited artisan cheesemonger, Paxton & Whitfield, this morning to open their new flagship shop Jermyn Street, along with Lord Mayor of Westminster, Cllr Susie Burbridge. The shop at 93 Jermyn Street, has been refurbished with great care both upstairs and downstairs and continues to feature traditional elements, consistent with the heritage of this longstanding brand. ...
  • September 30, 2011

    New Labour’s narrative lives on

    Almost eighteen months ago the Labour Party plunged to electoral defeat. At 29.8 per cent its share of the British vote was its second lowest since the war and smaller still than the Conservatives had achieved in our 1997 and 2001 debacles. Normally such a drubbing represents a seismic shift profoundly shaking up the direction of British politics. Strangely this has not happened.....
  • September 28, 2011

    Gaby’s Deli

    Since 1965, Londoners and visitors alike have savoured the salt beef and fluffy falafel served up by Gaby’s Deli on Charing Cross Road. Run by Gaby Elyahou, a Brent resident for four decades after arriving in London from Israel, the delicatessen has become a local institution adored for its unique spirit and tasty fare amidst an alternative spread of chain cafes and boxed sandwiches...
  • September 26, 2011

    The vacuum of vision and leadership at the heart of Europe’s economy

    Conventional wisdom dictates that we are imminently reaching high noon for the Euro. The assumption then is that the single currency will either collapse or the Eurozone will be forced to move rapidly towards full fiscal union. Recent experience suggests the road ahead may not be so straightforward, whatever assurances we hear about sorting things out ‘within six weeks’. It is quite feasible that we shall experience many more months of tottering along from market crisis to emergency meeting to fully-fledged conference...
  • September 7, 2011

    Whatever Vickers Recommends, Banking Can Never Be a Risk Free Activity

    Memories in the world of banking are notoriously short. It was just three years ago this month with the collapse of Lehman Brothers that the global financial system came close to imploding. As time has passed, recollections of this near-catastrophe have rapidly dimmed and the international momentum for fundamental reform has stalled.