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  • October 15, 2013

    Mark visits brand new Crossrail tunnels in West End

    This morning Mark and his team visited the new Crossrail tunnels and station being built in the constituency. Crossrail is Europe’s largest railway and infrastructure construction project and will bring much-needed new capacity to London’s public transport network when it is completed in 2018. At Tottenham Court Road station, Crossrail is working alongside TfL on a £1bn transformation […]
  • October 1, 2013

    Pedicab Update

    I have enormous sympathy with residents in the West End and beyond who detest the noise and disruption caused by unlicensed pedicabs. A few years ago I tabled a debate in parliament, pressing the previous government to do something to control pedicabs. Unfortunately the Department for Transport resisted calls for regulation so I instead continued […]
  • September 30, 2013

    Leave Labour to its tactics, there’s a better alternative

    Mark’s below article was published in today’s Daily Telegraph – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/10342770/Leave-Labour-to-its-tactics-theres-a-better-alternative.html As Conservatives back in Westminster watched Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour conference last week, a sense of quiet satisfaction descended.   With each economically illiterate policy the Labour leader announced, the clearer the dividing lines for the 2015 election became. The foolhardy pledge […]
  • September 25, 2013

    If trust in the City is to be restored, we must realign ethics and self-interest

    ‘How much do ethics count in the City of London?’ This was the question former editor of the Financial Times, Richard Lambert, strived to answer as he gave the Securities Institute’s Annual Lecture in 2002. Lambert (now Sir Richard and about to head a new banking standards body) spoke at a time when the dust […]
  • August 30, 2013

    Syria Vote

    Last night, the Commons debated and was asked to vote on a motion, pasted below in full, concerning Syria. At the beginning of the week, it had appeared that the Commons would be asked whether or not to condone military action in Syria by the UK, something I would not have supported the government on. […]
  • August 28, 2013

    The complexity of locating Britain’s national interest in the Middle East

    The West’s tacit support of the military overthrow in early July of Egypt’s first Islamist president will have stark implications in the years ahead for our diplomatic relationships within the Middle East and beyond. The UK’s own Foreign Office still talks up the “Arab Spring” when in truth the idealistic enthusiasm of early 2011 that […]
  • August 18, 2013

    City & Westminster volunteers – Contact the Elderly needs YOU!

    Over forty years ago, Mark’s constituent and local Marylebone resident, Trevor Lyttleton, set up Contact the Elderly after noticing that many of his older neighbours very rarely received visitors, leading to isolation and loneliness. Contact the Elderly now co-ordinates small groups of volunteers who use their cars to take elderly, house-bound people on regular visits […]
  • July 19, 2013

    There is no third way for the City in Britain’s relationship with the EU

    Mark’s below article was published yesterday on the European Movement website – http://www.euromove.org.uk/ The City is one of Britain’s most valuable assets and central to its success is its ability to be part of the EU’s common market. The coalition government’s EU policy must be based on those two fundamental principles.   Historically there have tended […]
  • July 16, 2013

    Mark to present Post Office petition in parliament

    On Wednesday afternoon, Mark is to present a petition in parliament to object to the proposed closure of the Lupus Street Post Office. The petition has been signed by over seven-hundred Pimlico residents concerned about the loss of this precious local amenity. Mark shares residents’ concerns about the Lupus Street closure and has been vigorously […]
  • July 15, 2013

    Will hugging close to the coalition’s spending plans make Labour more electable?

    Recent weeks have confirmed that politics can be a strange and unpredictable trade. Barely three years ago the coalition came into office pledging to eliminate the UK’s structural deficit within a five-year term. Cumulative public sector net borrowing between 2011-12 and 2015-16 was forecast at £322bn. The voters were warned in terrifying terms that any […]