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Category: Economy

  • May 31, 2014

    Modi’s India – Finally Open for Business from the City of London?

    Few would dispute that we have been here before. The opening up to UK investment of commercial opportunities in India has had many a false dawn over recent years. However, the assent of Narendra Modi to the Indian Prime Ministership promises a new era for the City of London, whose professional services have frequently felt […]
  • May 3, 2014

    China is not as strong as it looks. America is not as weak as it looks.

    2008’s financial crash came laden with gloomy predictions for the imminent future of the West. One of the most dominant foresaw the passing of the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism and with it the rapid demise of the United States, the nation which had surpassed all competitors in the twentieth century. In its place would storm […]
  • April 25, 2014

    HS2 – Still a line too far?

    As economic recovery becomes embedded the government is right to promote the widest range of infrastructure projects for the future. Funding has been committed to around 200 shovel ready projects due to get underway this tax year, which are collectively worth £36bn and estimated to support around 150,000 jobs. This level of activity however, remains […]
  • April 15, 2014

    Time to give the banks a break

    There is much to criticise in the ethics and conduct of British banks. Indeed the catalogue of misselling and foreign exchange irregularities continues to this day. But according to Business Secretary, Vince Cable, British banks have also been hoarding cash and refusing to lend to credit-starved small and medium sized enterprises. ‘If Britain is to […]
  • March 28, 2014

    HMRC’s zeal over tax avoidance is harming investment in British film

    Mark had the following article published in this morning’s Daily Telegraph. To read online click here. As the New Year broke, Chancellor George Osborne visited Ealing Studios to showcase the thriving British film industry. He hailed the welcome news that aggregate investment last year in UK-based film production had, for the first time, topped £1 […]
  • March 18, 2014

    Has the Government Helped or Hindered the Economic Recovery?

    Mark was asked by Maitland Political to argue in favour of the proposition that the government has helped Britain’s economic recovery. His contribution to the debate is below: In January, the government received the news it had so patiently awaited. The Office for National Statistics was able to confirm that in 2013, the UK economy […]
  • March 12, 2014

    The Chancellor should offer some forward guidance of his own

    Politics need not always be a complicated trade. Typically the simplest messages are the ones that work best. Since the Budget provides a staging post on the road to May 2015, the desire to complicate comes at a potential political price to the Conservative wing of the coalition. For much of the past three years […]
  • February 9, 2014

    EU to force Britons to publish details of wills and property

    Mark had the following article published in the Sunday Telegraph today. You can read it online here  The spirit of our age favours transparency. Whether light is being shone on the previously dark corners of intelligence, executive pay, MPs’ expenses or overall tax take from global corporations, an insatiable quest for information is rooting out bad […]
  • January 20, 2014

    Ultra-low interest rates carry a cost and it’s starting to rack up

    Mark had the following article published in today’s Daily Telegraph: No one ever said it would be easy. But it is fair to raise two cheers at least to George Osborne (and Alistair Darling before him), successive Chancellors who have sought to cushion the shock of the banking crisis and economic turmoil since 2008. As […]
  • January 9, 2014

    The nuts and bolts of tackling tax avoidance

    Well, perhaps there isn’t as much money squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts as we all thought! At the 2012 Autumn Statement, the Office of Budget Responsibility faithfully assured us that £3.1bn would be raised from the Treasury’s much heralded deal with the Swiss authorities. This projected windfall not only highlighted the UK’s avowed intention […]