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April 12, 2016

I have received several pieces of correspondence from constituents in my postbag regarding the Government’s proposals for pharmacies. As such, I made representations to the relevant Minister at the Department of Health and you can find the response I received by clicking on the link below.

Letter from Department of Health

As you will see, the Minister outlines that the government wishes to relieve GPs and A&E services through providing a clinically focused community pharmacy service. He states that the government believes that pharmacies could be used far more in the treatment of long-term conditions and minor ailments.

The Minister explains that, whilst spending in the NHS will increase by £10 billion over the next parliament, this will be focused on life-saving drugs. This will mean a slight reduction in the funding for community pharmacies. He goes on to say that using efficiency methods, the pharmacy sector can make savings whilst performing to patient expectations.

Finally, the Minister states that the government is working closely with the Pharmaceutical Negotiating Committee and discussions are ongoing. He invites you to participate in the upcoming consultation on the reforms. I hope that this response is useful in explaining the government’s position.