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Mark actively takes up the specific concerns of constituents and turns them into campaigns if he believes he can help.

Throughout his time in parliament Mark has initiated debates on key local issues – Metropolitan Police Resourcing; Future of St Bartholomew’s Hospital; Recycling Household Waste; Congestion Charging; Commercialisation of Hyde Park; Implementation of the Licensing Act 2003; Independence of the City of London Police; Population Estimates; and Social Housing in London.

He has regularly contributed to debates on issues affecting the capital, including London’s role in the UK economy, the London Underground, Crossrail, the London Olympics bid, ID cards, gun crime, and various environmental and quality of life issues.

He was involved with the battle to secure the future development of both Bart’s hospital and St Mary’s, Paddington (the two local hospitals) and is a champion for leaseholder rights over the changes in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill.

Mark is very interested in international affairs and has written and spoken about British relations with China and Russia in particular. He has also visited the Indian subcontinent and China with local constituents on a number of occasions to understand better and build links with these important regions.

Being the Member for the City, Mark naturally has a strong interest in financial matters and has served on the Standing Committees of several important pieces of economic legislation. He has also raised in parliamentary debates concerns about European interference in London’s hedge fund industry, the future of the City of London as a world leader in financial services and the problems associated with national debt.