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A European good news story

December 19, 2014

The dramatic plunge in the Russian rouble and the knife-edge presidential votes precipitating elections in Greece provided more than enough copy for financial journalists this week. So it was perhaps no surprise that Tuesday’s launch of the European Commission’s 2015 work programme raised barely a flicker of interest. While the European Union has tended only

Would an inconclusive election result stoke support for electoral reform?

December 19, 2014

Whisper it softly, but for three-quarters of the electorate next May’s election will be anything but unpredictable. As the Westminster Village gets itself with a frenzy of excitement about...

Stamp duty overhauled in the Autumn Statement

December 4, 2014

Yesterday Chancellor George Osborne stayed true to Autumn Statement tradition by pulling a rabbit out of his Red Box. A much-needed overhaul of the antiquated stamp duty system has...

Some strategic thoughts for the Autumn Statement and beyond

December 1, 2014

One of the great paradoxes of this strangest of political times is that sustained growth and clear signs of domestic recovery have made the economy a less salient issue...

The Rochester & Strood By-election Result

November 21, 2014

Following yesterday’s by-election in Rochester & Strood, Mark has outlined his initial thoughts below on the result and its potential ramifications - 1. The evaporation of a near 10,000 majority has inevitably...

Our immigration policy on overseas students is harming British interests

November 16, 2014

‘Whenever I travel in the world, particularly in China and India, one question persists,’ reflected Professor Andrew Hamilton last month, ‘’why has the UK adopted a visa system so...

Why I will be voting for the European Arrest Warrant later today

November 10, 2014

Mark wrote the following piece for prominent political blog, ConservativeHome, explaining why he is in favour of the UK remaining signed up to the European Arrest Warrant. To read...

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