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London: City of eternal resilience

February 24, 2017

Mark wrote the following article for today’s City AM. We have been here before. Seismic political or economic events strike like a tsunami; panic breaks out that London’s position as a leading world city is endangered. It happened in the aftermath of 2008’s financial crisis and it’s happening as Brexit looms. In 2009 the Economist

Maintaining London’s euro-clearing crown is vital to EU as well as the UK

February 23, 2017

Mark wrote the following piece for today’s City AM after being asked for his thoughts on euro clearing operations. London’s deep, liquid markets and the breadth of its financial...

The crackdown on encryption threatens to undermine London’s fintech boom

February 10, 2017

Mark wrote the following article for today’s City AM. To read online, click here. Talk of calamity befalling corporate Britain as we negotiate our EU exit is typically overblown....

Politics dictates a quick-fire Brexit – but a compromise is more likely than you think

January 26, 2017

Let’s show some ambition and optimism! There really is a deal to be done with the EU27 that works in our mutual interest as we head for the exit....

Help for 18-24 year-olds in our constituency seeking work or an apprenticeship

January 24, 2017

Fantastic work is being done in our constituency to get young people into work or structured apprenticeships. If you are a young person seeking employment or an opportunity to...

Maintaining good relations with our European allies

January 18, 2017

Mark wrote the following piece for this month’s edition of Centre Write Magazine on the importance of sister party relationships: To coin a now well-worn phrase, whilst the UK...

It’s time Britain stopped dancing to the tech giants’ tune

January 11, 2017

Mark wrote the following article for today’s City AM. It can be read online here. Few tears were shed last summer at the plight of Apple Corporation, whose sweetheart...

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