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Universities are on the frontline in the UK’s battle against Islamic extremism

July 22, 2015

Mark wrote the following piece for this morning’s City AM. You can read it online here. Mohammed Emwazi, Michael Adebolajo, Seifeddine Rezgui – by all accounts quiet, unassuming individuals until they became ISIL’s celebrity executioner, Lee Rigby’s murderer, and author of the Tunisian massacre respectively. Insofar as any common thread binds this grim trio and

Grexit may solve nothing, and cost Britain dearly

July 10, 2015

The utterly desperate situation in Greece is fast-developing. As a consequence of these unprecedentedly momentous events I appreciate any of my observations here risk being superseded rapidly. However, in...

DfID – A Practical Rethink

June 28, 2015

TV quiz shows in Ethiopia, Facebook lessons in Laos and Hamlet productions in Ecuador – in the mind of the general public, I suspect none of these items counts...

Time to put that long-term economic plan into action

June 21, 2015

Not for nothing is economics hailed as the dismal science. Since the financial crash almost seven years ago virtually every economic orthodoxy has been confounded by raw experience. The...

Osborne should prioritise taxpayer value over rapid RBS privatisation

June 10, 2015

Mark wrote the piece below for this morning’s City AM. It can be read online here. Almost seven years on from the £46 billion taxpayer bailout of RBS, it...

City AM – The London Powerhouse – Universities are Key to Capital’s Success

May 29, 2015

Mark wrote the following article for today’s City AM. To read it online, click here  Dreaming spires and cloistered courtyards. The image of Oxbridge has for centuries defined the idea...

Fifa’s latest corruption scandal

May 28, 2015

As the Vice Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Football for the past 8 years, this week’s deeply concerning allegations surrounding senior FIFA officials unfortunately comes as...

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